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Corte Lambruschini

A lot has changed with the coming about of the Garrone management of Sampdoria. One change was the moving of the registered office in December 2002 from the Melograno Building in Piazza Campetto to one of the modern Corte Lambruschini skyscrapers in Piazza Borgo Pila, Tower B. This move was at the behest of the President Riccardo Garrone, who wanted to give a new image of functionality and comfort to Sampdoria’s new operations centre.

The offices, which cover about 700 square metres plus the more than 150 square metres for the youth section on the floor below, is laid out in a functional, modern way, using all the technology available to allow each individual to operate. This step was part of the objective of projecting a dynamic image, based on the concept behind the idea and doing a lot of work on the colour scheme for the background colours.

The light, spacious offices with all the necessary work accessories, are laid out along a corridor that is decorated with elements that highlight its depth. The video room is an important place, and is equipped with about ten television sets and decoders. Here the games played in foreign championships are recorded, on the lookout for players that may be of interest for Sampdoria. Finally, there is the large conference room that has four monitors plus a projector for video conferences, while there is a table in the centre that sets off the entire ambience. At the end is the trophy cabinet.

Samp City: the Sampdoria concept store

SampCity is the new U.C. Sampdoria concept store at 252 Via XX Settembre. It was inaugurated on 1 December 2021 and it’s a real go-to place for all supporters of the Blucerchiati.

SampCity is more than just a place for shopping; fans and tourists are able to take advantage of a service centre, event and exhibition area, bar and restaurant, as well as purchase Samp merchandise. This is all spread over three floors, covering 300 m². It’s an innovative place which all Sampdoria fans will be keen to check out.

Stadio “Luigi Ferraris” – Genova

Built in the early years of the last century, over the years the Marassi stadium has undergone some radical changes. The first was in 1950 when the two stands and the covered stand was added to by the “Distinti” section.

This was followed in 1987 by work in preparation for the Italy ’90 World Cup. In two years and two months the “Luigi Ferraris” changed completely, without changing its English influence, and today it has all seats covered and four 44 metre high towers at the corners, making it unique.

C. S. “Gloriano Mugnaini” – Bogliasco

Two fields with turf, one of which also has an athletics track and two synthetic tracks, a 140 square metre gym, change rooms, and meeting rooms. This is the “Gloriano Mugnaini” Sports Centre in Bogliasco, where Sampdoria set up base in February 1980 and that has continued to grow and improve.

The building of the sports centre, brought about by Paolo Mantovani, put an end to the lengthy roaming existence of the Sampdoria team around the fields in the Eastern Riviera, after a decision by the Genoa City Council closed the “Carlini” fields that had become the venue for training. In February 1980 the change rooms were inaugurated, named in memory of Mugnaini. 

This doctor was esteemed for his dedication is assisting even poorest of the poor, and Mugnaini entered the world of sport in the 1950s with U.S. Rivarolese. After a long term as a member of the adjudication committee of the FIGC he put his energy into organising fans and became president of the Federation of Sampdoria Fan Clubs. 

The sports centre has everything necessary for adequate and specific preparation for the competitive commitments of the team. The current field is surrounded by an athletics track but the team can also make use of a second field with turf. The building houses change rooms and the rooms for technicians, masseurs, and stores. Next door there are the showers, hydro massage tub and sauna. The spacious, comfortable medical room is equipped with all the most sophisticated equipment for the players’ health needs.

The gym has the best equipment for building muscle power, and is located outside in a 140 square metre tensile structure. Journalists can watch practices from a covered terrace and can carry out interviews in the adjoining press room. In addition to the change rooms, the first floor also has an office, relaxing room, and a video meeting room that is available in preparation for matches.