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U.C. Sampdoria statement, 6 December 2021


U.C. Sampdoria statement, 6 December 2021

To great surprise it was announced today that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paola (Calabria) has issued an arrest warrant for Massimo Ferrero in relation to bankruptcy proceedings concerning matters dating back many years. The urgency of the arrest warrant remains unclear, especially considering that agreements had already been reached for three of the four Calabrian companies involved.

In any case, it should be made clear that these matters are in no way connected to the management and ownership of U.C. Sampdoria nor to Mr Ferrero’s business and cinema activities in Rome, for which separate proceedings at the Court of Rome are already under way.

To protect the interests of his other activities, and specifically to avoid any specious speculation impinging on U.C. Sampdoria and the world of football, Ferrero will stand down from the positions he holds at the club with immediate effect. In addition, Ferrero will offer his full collaboration to investigators, who will be contacted by his legal representatives Luca Ponti and Giuseppina Tenga in order to immediately clarify his position and ensure that this entirely unexpected situation does not further jeopardise or cause undue damage to extraneous parties such as U.C. Sampdoria.

It is hoped that this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible, especially in view of the fact that the Trust set up with regard to the Rome proceedings includes provisions which safeguard against the proceedings initiated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paola.

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