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Sampdoria and Macron unveil 2022/23 kit


Sampdoria and Macron unveil 2022/23 kit

With just over a month to go until the start for the Serie A season, U.C. Sampdoria and Macron have unveiled the new kits which the club’s players will be donning over the course of 2022/23.

The new strips pay tribute to Samp’s traditions as well as the city of Genoa, feature refined and elegant design details, and boast the quality and cutting-edge performance offered by top-class fabrics.

Sampdoria’s new home shirt, as ever the most striking in world football, is in the traditional royal blue with four horizontal stripes – white, red, black and white – both across the centre of the shirt and on the back. The V-shaped neckline has Blucerchiati details while inside the back of the neck are the shirt’s colours and Pe Zêna e Pe Sàn Zòrzo, the motto of the Republic of Genoa which translates as ‘For Genoa and for Saint George’ in local Genoese dialect. Another notable feature embellishing the shirt is the writing, in thick tone-on-tone print, of Genova 12 agosto 1946 (‘Genoa 12 August 1946’) on the outside of the collar. The Macron Hero logo in white silicon print is on the right of the chest while the U.C. Sampdoria badge is on the left. The home kit is rounded off by white shorts and white socks with a royal blue top and Blucerchiati stripes.

As for the away kit, the shirt is white with a crew neck and Blucerchiati stripes on the cuffs of the sleeves. Particularly stylish is the piece-dyed white graphic that adorns the away jersey, with an embossed Blucerchiati stripe creating an empty/full effect and the St George shield in the centre. A label inside the back of the neck features the colour of the shirt, a Blucerchiati stripe and the words Pe Zêna e pe Sàn Zòrzo while the outside of the collar has ‘Genova 12 agosto 1946’. The shorts and socks are royal blue, with the traditional white-red-black-white stripes at the top of the socks.

Samp’s third kit features a knitted, amber-coloured mandarin collar with a classic central cut combined with Blucerchiati stripes at chest height and with the shield of St George in the centre of the stripes. The backneck is customised with the colours of the shirt itself and the aforementioned phrase Pe Zêna e Pe Sàn Zòrzo. The Macron Hero logo appears on the right of the chest while on the left-hand side there is the club badge with a vintage flavour, harking back to the style used in the 1960s. The outside of the collar in thick rubbarised print features the outline of the club’s Baciccia symbol, depicting a typical Genoese fisherman with a beard, cap and pipe. The shorts are blue with ochre details, while the blue socks have the white-red-black-white stripes on the upper edge.

The goalkeeper’s shirt is turquoise with a stripe down the side displaying a geometric graphic and a white Macron Hero. The St George shield takes pride of place in the centre, with the Macron logo on the upper left and Sampdoria crest on the upper right. The turquoise shorts feature the same geometric graphic as the shirt.

The shirts are all Body Fit, the main fabric is Sirena Light and the presence of micromesh inserts ensures lightness and perfect breathability to the garment.

The new match kits are now available on the Sampdoria and Macron sites.

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