Giampaolo: “That was the real Samp. We’re playing as a team again”

Marco Giampaolo was in delighted mood as he reacted to Sampdoria’s thrilling 3-1 win over Fiorentina at Marassi on Sunday afternoon.

“That was the real Samp,” was how the Doria boss summed the result up after the final whistle. “We had been too anxious and not playing as one recently – we’d been focusing on our objectives rather than the result and that’s a massive error. To play the way we know best we need to play with freedom and carefreeness.”

Giampaolo stressed that unity is the key to ensuring Samp continue to perform well.

“The secret is to play as a team,” he said. “We work every day to see the team to play like that. They did very well to read the game, which was very different to our recent matches. Quagliarella has the physical conditioning of a 20-year-old lad – his engine is always running. We know what he can do, but it’s the fact that he’s always in peak condition that makes all the difference.”