Giampaolo on Udinese loss: “We’ll learn from this missed opportunity”

“We didn’t play to the level we’re capable of,” said a rueful Marco Giampaolo after watching his side concede four goals at Udinese. “A series of mistakes cost us – there really were too many errors. I hope this helps us in the long run but for now we’re angry and disappointed. Here’s hoping the four goals we shipped can serve as a lesson.”

Rather than the progress they’d hoped for in the build-up to the match at the Dacia Arena, Samp took a step backwards. “It’s a missed opportunity,” explained the coach. “It was more a case of us playing badly as opposed to Udinese blowing us away. I expected them to set up to hit us on the counter. The sending off early on made life hard for us. Our positioning was wrong, we weren’t focused enough and we made basic mistakes – that’s why we lost. As I always say, there’s little to choose between teams in Serie A.”