Praet talks about his passions: from sea to fashion, Liguria to the Samp faithful

Dennis Praet is able to play a number of roles on the football field and it turns out he’s just as versatile off the pitch.

The youngster has an interest in fashion, the seaside and loves spending time with his dog Schotch, a German spitz that he’ll only ever be apart from when he’s on professional duty.

As well as acknowledging the warmth with which he has been received by the Doria fans, he also mentions his relationship with club president Massimo Ferrero.

That’s just a taster of what Praet shared during his interview with Samp TV, when he opened the doors to his home.

“I needed the first season to get to know Italian football and [Marco] Giampaolo’s way of playing,” he said.

“What do I love about Italy? I could say so many things: Genoa, Liguria in general, the food, but the Sampdoria fans are really the best.”