Ramirez: “The opener and red card changed the game, we move on”

“We weren’t world beaters after AC Milan and nor are we chumps now. We have to work hard and bounce straight back.” Gaston Ramirez was the voice of reason after a disappointing night in Udine. “We didn’t do what we’d prepared, we didn’t play as a team. When that happens, you lose matches. Two incidents changed the game in the first half, the penalty and the red card. It had been an even contest until then albeit not a great one but it all changed after that.”

“As for the referee, I think it’s fairly clear Barreto shouldn’t have received the first booking but we won’t look for excuses,” continued the Uruguayan. “We weren’t able to implement what we worked on during the week. That’s why we lost. We must focus more on what we do best. We’re big boys and we have to move on. We know what we did wrong and how to bounce back.”