Two rounds of tactics on the main pitch, afternoon session on Thursday

Marco Giampaolo’s Sampdoria squad were back at the Centro Sportivo Mugnaini in Bogliasco on Wednesday to continue preparations for their last game of the season, against Napoli on Sunday.

Giampaolo split the squad into two groups, both of which focused on tactics in successive sessions. Primavera youngsters Pietro Cavaganaro, Roberto Criscuolo, Titas Krapikas, Maxime Leverbe, Andrea Tessiore, Alberto Testa and Michal Tomic joined in with the first-team squad.

Fabio Quagliarella rejoined group training, while Lorenco Simic trained separately due to a bruised toe on his left foot. Wladimiro Falcone and Emiliano Viviano received treatment and underwent physiotherapy.

Samp will train again on Thursday afternoon. For security reasons linked to the ongoing work, the road up to the upper pitch will be closed.