Giampaolo signals appreciation for Samp faithful, calls for a win over Frosinone

Speaking ahead of Sampdoria’s clash with Frosinone on Sunday, Marco Giampaolo underlined that the match is the kind that his team should be winning, particularly given how they have performed in recent times.

“In the last ten games we’ve only lost twice – against Juventus and Napoli, who are on another level. We’d love to keep this kind of form up. This game on Sunday is one we ought to be winning, but Frosinone will be doing everything not to lose,” he said.

“Frosinone are a side that cover the pitch well and don’t give you much space. We’ll need to be patient and careful, meaning that we shouldn’t be giving the ball away to the opposition. We’ll need to be focused and stay balanced,” the coach added.

Giampaolo continued: “We’ve had all sorts of runs over the past three years. We weren’t particularly strong at home but then became so. We struggled to get points away and then started managing to. We’ve had lots of results against big sides but then defeats against the weaker ones.

“Now it seems to be the opposite. If we’d achieved good numbers in every aspect we’d have finished second or third every season.”

The coach added that one thing that has never been lacking is the Samp faithful’s support.

He said: “The team has always done well at the Marassi. Our support is outstanding. Sampdoria have never been jeered by their fans over the past three years, which is rarely the case in Italy. Elsewhere there is a groan after the first mistake.

“Here they’re with us to the death. Clearly the way the team plays has been appreciated and playing at home has made a difference on many occasions.”

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