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Message from President Ferrero to Sampdoria fans


Message from President Ferrero to Sampdoria fans

I haven’t gone to Novi Sad with the team – and nor would I have regardless of the first-leg result – for two reasons. The first is that I would like to celebrate my birthday and my son Rocco’s birthday with my family, so that he can enjoy a happy, normal moment. The second is that I believe this is the time to show respect and confidence in my team. Confidence in the men on the pitch. Confidence in the man in the dugout. Confidence in the men representing me in the stands. Confidence in their pride, in their professionalism and in their love for the shirt, this wonderful flag of ours.

My father used to say that a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest. Last week, instead of playing at Marassi we went to the Stadio Olimpico in Turin and four heavy trees fell on our heads out of the blue. But the Sampdoria forest, the Sampdoria project, continues to grow. And that’s the most important thing! A year ago I took over a very respectable, efficient club that was no longer providing dreams for itself or the fans. The results since then show that we’ve not only rediscovered our desire to dream together; we’ve even found some dreams we didn’t expect. We’ve found the path we want to follow and no bump in the road is going to knock us off track!

Roma wasn’t built in a day. And nor was Sampdoria. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned during my time in charge, it’s that the good things in life – and in football – can sometimes happen sooner than you thought.

Your President
Massimo Ferrero


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