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What’s in a name? Meet Vito Doria, the Aussie Samp supporter


What’s in a name? Meet Vito Doria, the Aussie Samp supporter

Doria by name, Doria by nature. Or nurture, in this case. This is the story of Vito Doria, born in Australia to an Italian father and a Filipino mother. He once supported Juventus but switched allegiances after discovering there was a team with the same name as him.

“I grew up supporting Juventus because my father is a Juventino but I had a soft spot for Sampdoria for many years,” Vito explains. “The real change occurred around 2011, when Sampdoria got relegated. I’d seen how much promise the team had with Cassano and Pazzini and I decided I would still support them in Serie B.

“I also support Sampdoria because my surname is Doria – nobody else can claim that.

“It’s not easy to support a team from the other side of the world but when times are good, especially when we win the Derby della Lanterna, I can really be myself and express my passion.

“My first time at the stadium was in September 2011 when we beat Gubbio 6-0 in Serie B. There’s an incredible atmosphere at the Ferraris: the fans are so passionate and they stand by the club in good times and bad.

“My dream would be to move to Italy so I could see more of Sampdoria. Nothing beats watching that team when you’re sitting in the stands. It’s spectacular and unique – an amazing feeling.”

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