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Ferrero’s Sampdoria ends 2016 in profit


Ferrero’s Sampdoria ends 2016 in profit

U.C. Sampdoria S.p.A. has announced that the shareholders’ meeting held on Friday approved the financial statement valid to 31 December 2016. A post-tax profit of €3,232,818 was registered, which – once the proportion to be used for statutory reserves has been deducted – will be used to cover old losses.

The shareholders’ meeting also confirmed the members of the Board of Directors as Massimo Ferrero, Vanessa Ferrero and Giorgio Ferrero, while Marco Ciccozzi, Luigi Dell’Abate and Elessio Calzoni were confirmed as the Statutory Auditors.

President Massimo Ferrero expressed his satisfaction with the positive result for 2016, which ends with a substantial profit, confirming the turnaround which has taken place since the club was bought by the Gruppo Ferrero.

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