Ranieri: “Let’s keep this up, we know how much we’ve suffered”

Sampdoria now have 35 points from 26 matches and an average of 1.34 points per game since Claudio Ranieri took over the reins. The coach has taken Sampdoria to a new level and the team has racked up four key wins since football returned after lockdown, with each one more convincing than the last. “I only enjoy myself when I’ve brought the ship into the port. We’ve been in the deep seas for too long, but now we need to keep doing what we’re doing. If we’re determined and focused, we can produce strong performances. The team was bottom when I took over and we all know how much we’ve suffered, so we need to see it through. It’s a wonderful win and we’re in fine form.”

The boss discussed the squad’s progress since lockdown after the 3-0 win over Cagliari at the Ferraris. “During the break, the players suffered in terms of life and training slowing down. When we got back out on to the pitch, we discovered that they’d trained even more than usual on their own. We then introduced ball work and in the matches themselves, we saw constant improvements in all areas. The victories then followed. This is how I want us to move forward. I want players who fight. We aren’t safe yet.”

Ranieri also commented on some individual players: “There are so many players, like [Tommaso] Augello and [Morten] Thorsby, who I’ve got to know over time. I’ve always kept an eye on them, even when they weren’t playing. As for [Federico] Bonazzoli, he has a bright path ahead of him, but it’s down to him to light it up. You need everyone in football. The future is in their hands. I hope we’ll be out of the quicksand soon, but this doesn’t change my request for 100% from my players. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to that will be left out.”

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