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Giampaolo hails Doria faithful despite Chievo loss


Giampaolo hails Doria faithful despite Chievo loss

Sampdoria’s second successive defeat, a 2-1 loss away at Chievo, bears many similarities to the previous game, when Lazio came to the Marassi and won. A difficult first period was followed by a valiant response but it was ultimately too little too late.

Doria coach Marco Giampaolo was keen to emphasise the positives, despite another disappointing result.

“The two goals came from technical errors, the sort of serious mistakes that happen once a season. Putting that to one side, we played our football throughout, using our ideas,” the boss said after the game.

“Of course, we left ourselves open to counter attacks, but if you want to keep possession in the opposition half, you have to take some risks.”

Revisiting the sailing metaphor used in his pre-match news conference, Giampaolo commented: “I don’t want us to end up drifting; what I said yesterday was to keep us on our toes.”

As for Sampdoria’s recovery in this afternoon’s game, the boss said: “The goal came too late, which was a shame. We weren’t clinical enough, but in terms of ideas and attitude we’re not too displeased.”

Just as he did against Lazio, Czech forward Patrik Schick bagged a consolation goal towards the end of the game.

“He’ll carve out his place in the team; he’s shown he can change games,” Giampaolo commented.

The boss also reserved a few words for the Doria faithful, which he said were “exceptional” in the way they got behind the team.

“They gave us huge support, right until the end and after the game too.”

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