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Ramirez lays the path forward: “Hard work will get us the win”


Ramirez lays the path forward: “Hard work will get us the win”

Following such a barn-storming first half, it was perhaps inevitable there would be a drop-off in the second as fatigue and nerves crept in.

“There are some aspects we need to improve,” Gaston Ramirez admitted, “but a draw is a fair result. We have to improve our performances, however.

“I think we started very well, playing well, keeping the ball and controlling the match. Then after the penalty, which we gifted to them, they started to be the better side. We paid dearly for that mistake, especially psychologically.

“The important thing tonight was not to let them play,” the Uruguayan continued, “even though we found it tough to keep hold of the ball for long stretches. They made us run hard, hurting us with those long balls and forcing us to run and run.”

“Was this a missed opportunity to turn things around? Nobody likes it when you’re not winning, but we must continue to work hard and believe in what we’re doing. We haven’t won for a while, but an extra point never does any harm.”

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