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Ranieri: “Building a good rapport with my players”


Ranieri: “Building a good rapport with my players”

Fate certainly has a knack for dealing out funny hands. And so Claudio Ranieri finds himself taking charge of his first game as Sampdoria coach against his former club and boyhood team Roma. On the day of his 68th birthday. It’s the sort of thing he couldn’t even dream up.

“I do this job because I enjoy the emotions,” he told reporters on the eve of the match. “And there are sure to be plenty of emotions running through my head at the stadium on Sunday.

“I know Roma well and hopefully I’ve been able to explain everything well to my players. The most important thing is winning with Sampdoria. I want to start on a positive note with the fans. We’ll need their help – we need to feel them pushing us on from behind.”

The veteran coach also reflected on his first week at the club.

“I’m pleased with the work we’ve done this week. The lads have shown lots of enthusiasm and they’ve trained with intensity and positivity. I’m happy with all of them and they’ve given me a lot to think about. I have to pick the team of course but they shouldn’t worry either way – it won’t be a definitive choice and it’s a long season so we’ll need everyone.”

The coach also revealed a piece of advice he has given the players: “You can make a hundred mistakes but always strive to make up for it. I don’t want to see people with their heads hanging or looking defeated.”

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