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“I’ve always believed in my guys,” says Ranieri


“I’ve always believed in my guys,” says Ranieri

With their 3-2 victory over Parma on Sunday, Sampdoria made it five wins since play restarted post lockdown and the team now find themselves with safety all but secured. Speaking after a thrilling comeback, Claudio Ranieri began by trying to explain why Doria fell behind in the contest.

“They started better than us. We struggled with that and also with the fact we were playing at 5 o’clock. Plus, the pitch was so dry. The ball just wasn’t rolling for us and we’re used to moving it around,” he said.

“In the second half, however, we were more compact and everything changed. They were struck by the way we came back. Turnarounds like this are the best games, even though it’s heart-in-mouth stuff.

“As for our survival, let’s say we’ve made it, even if we’re one point short mathematically. I like the fact that I’m in tune with the lads – this is something where I need to give my all.

“There was so much tension, ending up in Serie B would have changed everyone’s career; we put it on the line. I say thank you to all the guys, from the captain to the youngsters. This year we found ourselves unusually up to our necks in it.

“I believed and still believe in my boys: there’s potential here, but we always have to play at 101% to prove it.”

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