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Giampaolo: “An unacceptable start to the game”


Giampaolo: “An unacceptable start to the game”

Marco Giampaolo had strong words to say about his team’s performance in their loss to Udinese on Saturday afternoon, with the Blucerchiati conceding two goals in quick succession at the start of the game. “We were all expecting more, and none more so than me,” claimed the coach as he expressed disappointment with the way they approached the game.

“To find ourselves two goals down after 12 minutes is just inconceivable, especially after all the effort we put in to preparing mentally for the game, both in terms of spirit and motivation. That’s where you can see a player’s true quality. But going 2-0 down early on is unacceptable.”

The loss takes on further significance given Sampdoria’s position in the league, as Giampaolo reflected: “Perhaps we hadn’t fully appreciated the position that we’re in. We can’t make these kinds of mistakes, particularly given that we are blessed with lots of experienced players who have played on the international stage. We need to reflect on our approach and make sure that we fully comprehend the importance of the games we are playing.”

In particular, the coach was unhappy with the character of the performance. “We put ourselves in a very difficult position early on. The stakes were high, and I’m not happy with the lack of personality that we showed. It’s normal to lose football matches, but there is a right way to do so. The result is not as important if you go out and give everything.”

He was quick to emphasise where responsibility for Saturday’s loss lay. “This defeat is above all my own. I’m not going to pin the blame on the players. I am the one responsible. We needed to play intelligently and have balance on the pitch.”

Finally, reflecting on the Blucerchiati’s fight for survival in the league, Giampaolo stated: “We need to make some big changes, but most of all we need to be brave in order to play our game and face up to our responsibilities. I need to stir up the players’ thoughts and emotions: we can’t be lions at home and sheep when we go away.”

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