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Giampaolo has Crotone in his sights: “A different challenge, big performance required”


Giampaolo has Crotone in his sights: “A different challenge, big performance required”

Marco Giampaolo was keen to guard against complacency, as he looked ahead to Sunday’s trip to Calabria. “I expect a tough match at Crotone,” he revealed. “The last issue to resolve is my team potentially underestimating the opposition. We’re a workmanlike side and tomorrow – even more so than in recent weeks – we have to get our approach to the match spot on. We need to play our part without betraying who we are. In short, we must produce what we do best.”

Giampaolo was visibly wary of the proposition posed by tomorrow’s opponents: “I’m concerned about the match from a technical and tactical perspective,” he continued. “We haven’t been involved in matches like these. It’ll be a new challenge and we’ve prepared for it in training. I hope I got my point across to the players.”

The league table can occasionally be misleading, as the Sampdoria coach is all too aware. “I’ve already envisaged how the game will go. Since they’ve gone back to the Stadio Scida in front of the local fans, they’ve caused problems for everyone. They beat Chievo in recent weeks, were unlucky to lose against Torino, drew away at Fiorentina and matched Inter until stoppage time.”

Although Giampaolo already knows what side he’ll pick on Sunday, he still kept his players on their toes: “I always look at playing a 95-minute match with 14 players, aware of what my players can offer from the bench – they are as important as those who start the contest. I don’t want to give an edge to the opposition either but all I can say is Sala isn’t available for the match, along with Viviano, Carbonero and Pavlovic.”

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