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Stankovic: “Let’s channel our anger into conviction”


Stankovic: “Let’s channel our anger into conviction”

Dejan Stankovic called on his team to channel the anger from the defeat at the Stadio Castellani on Monday evening into something positive on Sunday against Udinese.

“We deserved at least one goal against Empoli,” explained the boss. “It was a very good performance, so we left there feeling disappointed and angry, but now we need to channel those feelings into conviction. We have to keep this tempo up and go up a gear in front of our fans and also show what we’re made of at our home ground.

“If we continue to adopt the same approach and play with the same intensity, the big moments will go our way as well. It won’t take much. Sampdoria are doing well in all departments. We created so much against Empoli. Udinese are playing well. They’re a tough and well-drilled side who just aren’t getting the results at the moment. We’re opponents now, but I had a wonderful year there. They have some very good and quick players who play decent football. It’ll be a tough game and a real battle.”

The boss finished up by mentioning Harry Winks, who’s finally back in action after an injury-laden season to date: “I’m pleased for Winks as he’s back playing football again. He’s suffered so much, but he’s given his all to get back and help the team out. I don’t want to heap the pressure on him because we can only get out of this situation as a squad. I can see it in everyone’s eyes that there’s a desire to turn the situation around. We’re in for a fight and we mustn’t let up for even a second.”

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